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Aurora Ali'Una
16 July 1984
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Actually updating this finally, now that the bulk of it is over 4 years old. *sheepish grin*

24 year old unicorn here, currently married, going on our one year anniversary, to my lovely sweet wife Colt, mesiunu. She moved to Indiana to live with me in June 2007, we tied the knot on August 16th. Little bit of particular reason for that date, because my birthday is July 16th and hers is August 16th. We have two cats, one of which is a new resident as of a couple weeks ago. Their names are Twilight and Orion, or Mooch as we tend to call him because he begs something horrible. No sound, just sits there and practices Puss'N'Boots impressions while we eat. We had two other cats when we got Twilight one year ago(late June 07), Samhain(Sou-en) and Angel. We gave them to a good home in December 07 with more space and kids to play with, because we were moving in January to an apartment to live with a friend. We stayed there for two months, moved into a house with said friend until June after he closed on it in March, and from there hoofed it over to Pennsylvania to help Colt's mom while we repair our finances after the rooming plan did less to help than we though. A big part of that was bad spending habits on our parts, we're working on that. She's still adapting from having more money and less bills, and despite my high self-willpower, I am horrible at saying no to others. Bad combo when low on money.

I met her through art and sort of the furry fandom, we're both furs, which is what probably led us to find each other's art. I call myself a furry because I fit enough of the general description, although I could also probably be called something of an otherkin, personally I don't like being called any particular group membership name, even if I somewhat belong, I usually feel enough disconnection and difference that I would rather not be reduced to a stereotype or typecaste. While we're talking about labels, I also identify as a transgender to some degree. I'm entirely sure most of the time, I believe I was female in a past life, and part of me is unsure whether I feel trans because of trying to relive that life, or because I truly feel female inside this life, perhaps a bit of both, or due in some manner to having had no father growing up. I'm really not sure, I squeeze somewhere in the middle of genders, and I'm just not sure if while I'm a bit unhappy as male, I might not end up feeling the same as female. As to the past life, that would be referring to Aurora, my true self, or at least the incarnation of me that I feel closest to, sort of the hub of my soul.

My spiritual beliefs are modge-podge and self-created, I don't take any labels there, not even otherkin which might fit me well enough. I generally refuse the idea of constricting my belief and spirituality by putting it to a template or definition, even if it may fit. I am open to spiritual beliefs and religions, and enjoy hearing about them even if I may not agree with them, so long as they are not harming anyone or being forced upon others, I have no problem and like to look for any personally applicable ideas or thoughts within them. That said, my own beliefs revolve around dreams and imagination a lot, with some belief in reincarnation and that souls grow and age through living different lives. There's more, but it's not coming to muzzle at the moment, so I'll maybe add onto that later. See if that one happens, taking bets now *wink*

Other than that, at the moment life consists of trying to help around the house(without feeling too much like a slave, HAHA), spending time with my wifey mare(more time than I do, erf), and surviving. At time of writing I am unemployed and suffering financially from it, credit is getting screwed, but hopefully that will all be rectified soon. Our plans are to move to Seattle in about a year after money is less problematic, where I intend to further my game programming career goals by attending DigiPen.

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